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Optical teams, each consisting of a qualified aged care Optometrist and Optical Dispenser, provide the highest quality of care in our Healthcare 2 You – Eyecare division. We deliver comprehensive aged care optometry, domiciliary eye care, and corporate eyecare on site, the same integral service one would expect when visiting a conventional Optometry practice. Using state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated domiciliary optometrist also enables us to tailor our aged care optometry program to the capacity of the resident. Our vast experience in Aged Care Optometry and elderly eye care is important, given that the challenges faced in this industry are different to those of mainstream Optometry. We provide dedicated Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney aged care Optometrists for you and your facility.

How Much Does This Service Cost? eyecare2

Our comprehensive domiciliary eye care program incurs no cost to facilities or your residents for eye examinations which are bulk-billed to Medicare or DVA. Should a change of prescription be recommended, we have an extensive range of frames and lenses from which to choose at prices well below retail and for all budgets. Before proceeding with any spectacle order, we have policies in place to establish contact with residents’ families or next of kin, where necessary to involve them in the elderly eye care plan and seek their approval. These interactions are undertaken by our aged care optometrist or domiciliary optometrist, as well as our optical dispenser teams, to reduce additional demands placed on facility management.

What After Sales Service Do We Provide?

Our domiciliary eyecare program is all inclusive, and in the event that a resident’s spectacles need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced we are just a phone call away with our ‘Customer Care’ phone support. Our aged care optometry team ensures we have a fleet of vehicles on the road each day enabling us to maintain our commitment to a prompt and professional service with these service calls most often expense free. Whether the spectacles have been punished in the washing machine or merely suffering from the rigours of daily use, we ensure a representative of Healthcare 2 You- Eyecare is on site with minimal delay. This ensures that the residents’ visual requirements are not compromised by unnecessary delays in spectacle repair or replacement.

Can We Help You Meet Accreditation Requirements?

Our comprehensive eyecare program and the delivery of our on site optical services helps in satisfying components of the accreditation requirements, as stipulated by the Government, by determining the visual function status and capabilities of residents. Specifically, the domiciliary eyecare teams at Healthcare 2 You- Eyecare assist facilities in complying with Standard 2.16 (Sensory Loss) as outlined in the Standards and Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Services. Contact us today for a Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney Aged Care Optometrist.

eyecare1Can We Help To Ensure Continuity of Care For Your Residents?

We provide on-going continuity of care to residents by notifying facility staff when 12 monthly patient reviews fall due. This serves to reduce the workload of management in tracking due dates for residents’ visual performance assessments. As this age group is more prone to the development of ocular pathologies such as: cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, reviews are vitally important. Our feedback forms, completed after each consultation, assist staff in record keeping as well as improving the care delivered to residents.

Do We Inform Residents’ Families/Loved Ones Of Our Services?

Prior to any scheduled visits, Healthcare 2 You- Eyecare administration distributes coloured flyers for facility notice boards. On request, letters to family members/loved ones are available, informing them of our services and seeking their authorization to access our optical health program.

If you are thinking that our Healthcare 2 You- Eyecare service could benefit your facility or you simply wish to enquire further, why not call Healthcare 2 You on 1300 882 374 and we’ll be happy to discuss any queries.

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